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Hi everyone at Classic Building Cleaners,

Just dropping a note to let you know that you have been with us for approximately five years now and that everything has been outstanding and you all have "answered the bell" when it comes to servicing the our account .The transition from our previous cleaner to Classic was awesome and it makes me proud and makes me look good knowing that I made this switch.It is a true team effort and please let your staff know about how much I appreciate the service they have given us.

To the whole team a big thank you and keep up the great work.


To Whom It May Concern:

We have worked with Classic Building Cleaners for the past Twenty plus years. Classic Building Cleaners has been in this position because of the outstanding service they have provided us. If there is any cleaning concern they are prompt to rectify the matter immediately.

Classic Building Cleaners provides us with an all-inclusive service. They provide quick response emergency service, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, delivery of orders, and restocking of our cleaning supplies. They also provide special cleaning needs, such as party preparation and clean-up, wall washing, warehouse cleaning, and kitchen clean-up. When our scheduled Carpet care, floor care, and window cleanings services are do, Classic Building Cleaners email’s or calls us to set up dates in advance. We never have to remind Classic that our cleaning services are due. Classic Building Cleaners experience in the cleaning industry allows us to focus on our own business something that othercleaning firms seem unable to relate to, let alone deliver. They make it their focus to know our needs in and outs. Our Industry is faced with new challenges on a regular basis and Classic Building Cleaners are able to customize their services to meet whatever our needs are at the time. This allows us to do what we do best, run our Company. When you deal with Classic Building Cleaners you are the customer...now there is something a business doesn't get to hear every day.


To Whom It May Concern:

We would strongly recommend that you retain, Classic Building Cleaners because they provide outstanding service and are quality driven. We would strongly recommend that you retain, Classic Building Cleaners because they provide outstanding service and are quality driven.

Our  compamy has enjoyed a business partnership with Classic Building Cleaners for approximately twenty years.  During that period, they have provided excellent service, and we have found their management team to be excellent. They respond quickly to any concerns, and are always capable of addressing any changes that we may need.
Classic Building Cleaners supplies a comprehensive package that provides window cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor scrubbing and floor refinishing.  In addition, their management provides regular inspections of our facilities, and provides consistent feedback.
During the period that we have worked with Classic, we have never had any cause to doubt their honesty and integrity.  We find them to be very competent, trustworthy and dependable. We would highly recommend Classic Building Cleaners to any potential client."

To Whom It May Concern:

"A clean fitness facility is one of the most important aspects of a successful business in our industry.  That is why we decided to partner with Classic Building Cleaners in 2007.  We were thoroughly impressed with the management and organization it takes to run a cleaning business.  The supervisors who train their staff are flawless and pay close attention to detail.  We have our facility attended to 5 days a week and we have never been disappointed.  If a custodian is sick or unable to clean a certain night, Classic fills the spot without fail.  Classic also takes inventory of our cleaning products and delivers supplies to us on a monthly basis.  We appreciate this service a great deal.  Classic Building Cleaners are very accommodating to our needs and wishes, something we value very much and therefore we intend to continue to work with Classic for years to come."


To Whom It May Concern:

"Classic Building Cleaners, has provided us with janitorial services for over twenty five years.
We have always been pleased with the cleaning services they have provided. Any matters of concern have been addressed promptly and professionally. They also provide us with our carpet care cleaning program and keep track of our supplies needed for this facility.
I am confident that any customer would be happy with their services, professionalism and Reliability."


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