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Thorough Cleaning Procedures During COVID 19

This is to inform our clients that it is Classic Building Cleaners top priority to do a thorough clean of all touch point areas in each facility that people may come in direct contact with. This means we are to clean off any dirt residue from all touch points (i.e. door frames, door handles, keypads, elevator keys, push bars handrails, desktops, counter tops etc.). After the surface is clean we go back over to each area in order to sanitize or disinfect depending on dwell time. You may see streaking on items that are sanitized or disinfected because, in order to sanitize or disinfect, the solution must be laid down wet and left to dry, thus killing any germs. These guidelines are laid out by the CDC under cleaning and disinfecting/sanitizing.

During these procedures, our staff are to wear gloves and approapite PPE and use a separate micro rag to clean and then to sanitize or disinfect depending on dwell time. This stops cross contamination from occurring. The disinfectng micro rag is always to be wet with disinfectng solution for the micro rag to be a disinfectng point of contact to the surface. If micro rags start to dry or become soiled, they are replaced with new disinfectng micro rags. It is our job to keep each facility clean and safe.

Classic Building Cleaners is celebrating its 35th year of providing professional, trusted and friendly commercial cleaning services in Halifax Regional Municipality.

Our many satisfied customers we have served for years view us as “Metro’s First Choice,” for our high quality of work and our dependable service.

A one-stop-shop for all your commercial cleaning needs, we clean government offices, law courts, car dealerships, professional centres, business offices, financial institutions, commercial and industrial sites, fitness clubs and a host of other workplaces.

No job is too big or too small, and we pay meticulous attention to detail for every one of them.

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